Somatic Experience

This therapeutic approach and precise track sensations and gradually bring out the memories of suffering , which are recorded in the nervous system .

Through the consciousness of somatic sensations and emotions felt and possible activate the body system , innate , which promotes its autoregulation .

Thus , it is possible the reintegration of blocked energy , restoring the flow of energy .


Resulting in a new way of feeling that gives well-being , self-confidence , security .

This therapeutic approach and help to learn to  track sensations and can gradually bring out the physical memories of suffering, resolving stagnated movements which are recorded in the nervous system .

Surficing  consciousness of somatic sensations and emotions, it is  possible to activate innate  body resourses ,  promoteing its autoregulation .

When natural reintegration is allowed to happen the system can function without blockage.


The result is a feelling of a new well-being, more self- confidence and sensation of being safe.

My 10 years old client:


My little client nine years old.During class movement, I held her in the air, on my feet, doing a little plane. (Exercise acrobatic)


And she said: I've got fear, will fall. I asked: Where you feel fear?


-Here In the belly, she said


Me says it seems, is big or small?


She answered: It looks like a lot of soldiers, about 30 or so.


And I said, want to hold my hand? Let's see if it improves the feeling?

- And after giving hands asked: -And Now, how do you feel? - Now I feel less soldiers, are only ten.

I said, look at them, and tell me what happens.After a minute, she said, I think they are gone.

And I kept working situations where she feels fear, and facilitating the understanding of the stress of the procedure before the fear and helping her to understand that despite the situation of fear it may continue in the year, and that when "look" for fear it decreases .


After a week, the mother reported that the child was safer and better explained his emotions.


A day before going to school, the girl took the photo of the parents, and questioned the mother, said: I know you love me, and I feel safer with you next to me during the race today.




The girl learned that you can use emotional support resources to cope with stressful situations and the discomfort does not preclude the action..