Dr. Stephen Porges - Human Nature and Early Experience

The scientist that develop the Polyvagal Theory

The "Polyvagal Theory" is truly the "hard read". But Dr. Porges presentations here are a gem of understanding. He explains it so thoroughly that it does not replace the book, which should also be read, but makes it deeply understandable. This is because his theories are ground breaking.

He covers his theory and topics below:

We have a whole special nervous system, neural circuit, and it's all about being safe and having relationships of safety. We are mammals and in the beginning of life we need to be connect to another being to have chance of survival.

Importance of social engagement to regulate the Vagus Nerve Tone.

Humans are always measuring if the environment is safe or not to decide how much we can engage.

Fight and Flight that happens in the Reptile brain could serve us to mobilize and survive in nature, but the mammal system that many times overwrite it to allow us to engage socially.

Poor posture happens because the neck is also controlled by the how system respond to the enviroment.

Auditory hypersensitivity ( with or without autism spectrum)

And many other.