Emotional ( attitude ) Body : get back a sense of "ease" in your movement.

Life happens.

Being born is a trauma. But humans evolved to connect, auto-regulate and survive.

Human beings can be resourceful and creative, but sometimes we may need help to find our way back into our best functional body.

Growing up, or as adults, we find strategies that help us when we encounter challenging situations. Then, after getting used to the solution we found, we sometimes do not find our way back to organize ourselves with more freedom and efficiency.

Emotions create gestures, and habitual gestures can turn into a body organization that we perceive as "ourselves". We can end up losing the "child like" EMOTIONAL/ BODY/ MIND plasticity that once allowed us to shape our body in and out of situations. (Anyone that has kids around knows how fast they go into and get out of waves of emotion and body expression, one minute crying, with a tense body, next laughing and running free and happy.)

There are many resources to regain our neural-emotional-motor plasticity, and fel integrated again.

Rolfing® is a method that uses many resources to reach better awareness, re-map the body and coordination, and help the nervous system to let go of old PATTERNS, creating a better coordination, and giving back a sense of BEING at ease while IN MOTION.