In Motion PIlates is a form of contemporary Pilates


         The creator J. Pilates developed his technique with important principles and revolutionary for his time

  • Concentration. 

  • Centering. ...

  • Control. ...

  • Breathing. ...

  • Precision. ...

  • Flow


          Based on work by Joseph Pilates , In Motion Pilates brings a updated outlook on the famous method taking in consideration all concepts of a healthy spine and important body alignment concepts unknown in his youth.

          Looking at posture as something dynamic, instead of "correcting the body" give us more possibilities of movement and allow reaching strength and flexibility without "correcting the body" .


         The curves of the spine are respected, and the control is replaced with action full of presence. 


         We bring the Pilates spirit of adaptation, amplifying the techinique and creating new exercises for each need and personal stage.


Efficient private classes adapted to your goals.

Get stronger, more flexible and aware of your physical body.

Embody awareness that will be applied in any other physical practice or daily activity.

Movement Classes

you have a desire to feel more flexible

you want complement your gym training

you need to improve your balance

you get bored with repetitive classes

you are an athlete

you do not want to feel the wear of "getting old"

you have a very challenging executive life

you want to feel younger

you spend most of your daily time sitting down

your movement is not like it used to be

you feel pain in daily 

your class will have elements from:

IM Pilates

functional training

alexander technique

rolfing movement

acrobatic training

functional training


active stretching

Designed for you, because..