You don't have to be a high performer to feel strong, flexible, young, and in free motion...

    Everybody is different.

    Let's find your path...


    Rolfing and Natural Movement Pilates



    strategies to bring and expand movement in your life


    explore physicality, stretch your mind and beliefs


    change your perception and relationships

    Rolfing ® &
    Rolfing Movement
    Movement class
    & IM Pilates
    Relationship Coaching
    Family Constellation
    Somatic Experience
    find your ALIGNMENT
    allow more MOBILITY
    bring new THOUGHTS
    experience more SUPPORT
    transform your body MOVEMENT
    and ergonomics

    In modern life we under use our potential of movement. Being trained to not move may change proper organization in the body and get in the way of natural healing

    Structural Work,

    Functional Training,

    Body Awareness Education,


    and Stretching Sessions

    will help bring you back to full potential...

    A chronically overwhelmed nervous system may be one of the factors preventing your physical recovery.

    Somatic Experiencing

    Family Constellation Work

    Body Awareness Education


    Relationship Coaching

    will be steps in your path back to health... 


    The physical body is the only certainty we have. From the cellular energy to the internal rhythms of the organs, from the cadence of breath to the way we walk. Life in itself is movement...


    Movement is life. 

    We can expand and amplify our experience here in this life by diversifying our movement, transforming our perception and in turn our relationship with ourselves, with others and the world.


    When something in us or in our life does not flow or does not move, we feel discomfort , pain, we can become depressed and we may lose our vitality. To maintain movement is to maintain health.

    be in motion


    by Marcela


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