Why should you choose Rolfing?


Improve body organization


 Feel free and lighter


 Improve efficiency of movement


 Better coordination


 Increase mobility


 Prevent injuries



Rolfing Trade Mark is used only by certified Rolfer

What is Rolfing?


It is a process that allows a return to "the structure" and your original potential of movement using various techniques to improve the organization of fascias , coordination , body mapping  body perception, the relationship with the external space, among others.


Rolfing series

All sessions have a different goal.


From improving breath capacity to understanding how we can be organically in an efficient alignment. It takes from 10 to 20 sessions to cover the principles that will help your body to be free to heal itself.


Rolfing sessions bring knowledge and awareness to your physicality. 


Sessions varies from 50 min to 1 and 1/2 hours and they are generally once a week.


Fascia and Gravity

 Fascia is a new trend and slowly research is proving its importance in the body organization. Ida Rolf long ago, however, already experimented with the concept of a net that organizes the body and adapt to the function. It is known now that fascia is very dynamic and have a lot of enervation. A lot of the concepts about the muscle biomechanic used today turns into myth with this new discoveries. ( learn more in my blog)


She also brought up the important element of gravity. We are always 'blindly" organizing ourselves to an invisible force. This constant relationship between the sky and the ground is part of our being and Rolfing brings the awareness of it.

With Rolfing we can learn how use the gravity in our favor, and stop fighting to keep a static posture that is impossible to gain.

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As the cartoon below shows, we may also get "stuck" in emotional or/and physical attitudes due to the past life experiences. Often , the structures do not return the original mobility that existed before an emotionally of physically strong episode. Rolfing process helps reestablish the original great potential of  movement.